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Electronics and Electrical Engineering interview Question and Answers for fresh engineers (Part 1)

Electronics and Electrical Engineering interview Question and Answers for fresh engineers (Part 1)

Question1: Is it possible to start up a 36w or 40w 220V AC/DC tube light without the help of Coil or Choke?

Answer 1: It is not possible without the help of electric coil or choke. Because, the coil or choke ionize the particles in the tube light. In normal voltage it is not possible to ionize the particle.

Question2: What is the difference between three point and four point starters?

Answer 2:  In the four point starter the line and Shunt are connected separately. In the three point starter the line and shunt are connected in same. This is one of the advantages of three point starter.

Question 3: What types of resistance is used in bulbs or tube lights? What will happen if a 220volt AC operated bulb or device run by the 220volt DC?

Answer 3:  The AC operated Bulb or device has a very low resistance. But, the devices whose are designed for AC offers high impedance to the supply. When the DC voltage is applied to the AC devices, the passing DC current is very high due to the low resistance of the device. This high voltage may damage the device.

Question 4: What do you mean by electric traction?

Answer 4: Electric Traction means running a machine by using electric energy or power. Electrical energy, energies the traction system. Basically DC motors are used in traction system. Now electric traction system widely used in trams, trolleys, industries, railways .Bullet train is also running by the magnetic traction, magnetism is setup by the electric energy in the bullet train.

Question 5: Why the capacitor works doesn’t work on DC?

Answer 5: The capacitor normally gives an infinite resistance to DC component. But, it allows AC power component to pass through the devices. These resistances of the capacitor blocks work of DC component.

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